Bio-based and -inspired.

Our idea of sustainable products. We supply the raw material.

efficient. clean technologies.

We offer natural compounds for the most demanding applications.

ACPHIS is a supplier of bio-based ingredients that meet the most stringent quality requirements of the Life Science and High-Tech industries.

Our products – chemical-organic compounds isolated from plants and microorganisms – offer an environmentally friendly and high-performance solution for a wide range of applications and industrial manufacturing processes: From the key structures of new drugs, to the formulation of the latest mRNA vaccines, to the active component in biofunctional materials and surfaces.

Fine chemical synthesis

• Synthesis building blocks
• Chiral Auxiliaries and Reagents
• Exudates, biomass for extraction

Pharmaceutical formulation

• Solubilizers, stabilizers
• Adjuvants
• LNP components
• APIs, ADC payloads

Medical Devices

• functional ingredients
• Components for biomaterials

Bioprocesses/ Fermentation

• Media components and additives
• Expression inducers

Performance materials

• (bio-) functional additives
• technical process aids

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biomass fractions, speciality extracts

isolated molecules, i.e. Polyphenols, Tannins / Tannic acid,,
Saponins, Alkaloids, Sterols, Carbohydrates, …

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